A counsellor in every school in England

BACP campaigns for a counsellor in every school

Following the new Children’s Commissioner, Dame Rachel de Souza’s recent appeal for every child to have access to therapy, the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) has highlighted their ‘School Counselling in England’ Campaign. Recognising that England lags behind similar government funded schemes in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, BACP is urging people to sign its petition. You can find out more about the campaign to provide every school, academy, and FE College with a paid counsellor on the BACP website.

The Association recognises how increased anxiety brought about by the unique challenges of COVID-19 have left children feeling more vulnerable than before. Professional counselling within the school environment is seen as vital in giving children and young adults the best chance of coping with these challenges.

Children’s Commissioner wants to rebuild childhood

Dame Rachel’s comments fit within her wider call on the BBC website to ‘rebuild childhood’ following the pandemic. After ‘seeing first-hand the effect of this crisis on young people’s hopes and dreams’, Dame Rachel asserts that sometimes our responses have not been good enough. She is urging policy makers to seize this moment in history, and to restructure our offer to children with the same spirit and ambition as the Beveridge report in 1942. This report went on to form the basis of the modern Welfare State in the UK after the end of World War Two, and it was as ambitious as it was popular, possibly because it was built on around individual responsibility as well as state intervention.

COVID-19 lost generation

It’s too early to see if anything so positive and transformational will emerge from the current crisis, although the Children’s Commissioner has already spoken of her commitment to ensuring there isn’t a ‘lost generation’ because of COVID. As well as calling for no reduction in Universal Credit, and the provision of free school meals through the summer holidays, Dame Rachel announced the launch of a ‘Big Ask’. This survey will gather the views and opinions of children’s reactions to the pandemic, as well as other barriers to achievement.

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