Anxiety Awareness

It’s normal for all of us to feel anxious from time to time, but when anxiety becomes overwhelming it can have lasting consequences for our mental health, wellbeing, and relationships with the people closest to us.

Anxiety is often triggered by changes in our lives that lead to uncertainty. It can be connected to concerns about money or a job, personal relationships, or the way some social situations make us feel. With exam results being published over the next couple of weeks, anxiety can also be triggered by worries around GCSEs and A-Levels.

This year’s Mental Health Awareness Week chose anxiety as its theme. More information about the condition and strategies for managing anxiety can be found on the Mental Health Foundation website at

You might also want to seek help from a therapist, either for yourself or someone close to you. If you are looking for anxiety counselling in the Walsall or Wolverhampton area, please Contact Me via the contact page on my website. You can also call me on 07824 385338. There is no obligation to book a session and we can discuss whether counselling is the right approach for you.