Bereavement Counselling in Walsall

Bereavement Counselling in Walsall

At some point all of us will face loss, grief or bereavement, and the shock of losing somebody close to us can lead to profound mental and physical distress. Grief is a natural process, but it can be overwhelming. If you are struggling to cope with a loss, keep in mind that professional help is available. National charities such as Cruse, or bereavement counselling provided by a professional therapists will help you to process your feelings and emotions in a safe space, and at a pace that is right for you. So, if you are looking for bereavement counselling in Walsall, please get in touch.

Are there stages of grief?

Some people believe grief follows a path of shared patterns or thought, and you can read more about these on my Grief and Loss Therapy page. Remember as individuals we are likely to experience these stages of grief differently from one another however, with differing levels of intensity or in a unique order.

How might grief and loss affect us?

If you have experienced a loss you might feel a wide range of emotions including guilt, anger and shock. Feelings can range from sadness and hopelessness to loneliness and denial. You might feel completely overwhelmed by your emotions, or you might feel confused and experience disordered thinking. It can also be a lonely and frustrating time adjusting to the changes brought by a bereavement.

There are also physical effects of loss or bereavement. These might include crying, shaking, palpitations, a lack of energy, eating too much or not eating at all. Your behaviours might also change, leading you to withdraw from social life, or pay less attention to your own self-care. You may want to keep being busy, talk more than usual or perhaps not want to say anything at all. These reactions are normal in relation to bereavement and are part of the grieving process.

My role as a bereavement counsellor is to help you make sense of these thoughts and emotions, and their effect upon you. It’s also the first step towards helping you identify a way forward.

Are you looking for bereavement counselling in Walsall?

Getting support from a trained professional can make all the difference. If you are looking for a bereavement counsellor in Walsall and the surrounding area, or would like to know more about seeing a therapist for grief and loss, please call me on 07824 385338. I will listen to you carefully and confidentially, and advise you honestly the ways in which private counselling might help. You can also use the form on the Contact Me page.

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