Bereavement Counselling in Walsall

There will inevitably be a time in everyone’s life when they are faced with bereavement, grief or loss. This will often lead to emotional, mental and physical distress. As a therapist trained in bereavement counselling, I can help.

People who have suffered a loss might feel guilt, anger and shock. The emotions associated with grief and loss can range from sadness and hopelessness to loneliness and denial. Following the death of a loved one you might feel confused or have a pattern of disordered thinking. It can also be a lonely and frustrating time adjusting to the changes brought by a bereavement.

There are also physical effects of loss or bereavement. These might include crying, shaking, palpitations, a lack of energy, eating too much or not eating at all. The behaviours associated with the loss may be withdrawing from social life, a lack of self-care, being busy, wanting to talk or perhaps not wanting to say anything. These reactions are perfectly normal in relation to bereavement and are part of the grieving process.

The models for grief and loss are important for me as a bereavement counsellor. They help to make sense of the processes we often follow when someone dies, as well as the thoughts and feelings associated with them. Grief can be viewed as a path that is followed but it’s really individual to everyone and the grieving process is different each time we suffer a loss or bereavement. As a bereavement counsellor I will help you make sense of the thoughts and emotions associated with your loss.

Looking for a bereavement counselling service?

Just getting support from a trained professional can make all the difference. If you are looking for a grief and loss or bereavement counsellor in Walsall and the surrounding area, or would like to know more about my counselling method please contact me via the contact page. I will listen to you confidentially without judging you and empathy will always be shown. Alternatively, if you are looking for bereavement counselling outside of the private service I offer, have a look at the Cruse network.