Anxiety Therapy in Willenhall

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is a common response to a stressful moment in life, so most of will encounter it at some point. It’s usual for us to get anxious before a test or an exam, when facing a life-changing event or when we have a heavy workload. It doesn’t help when the pace of life is so busy, but with increasing acceptance of mental health issues, no one need suffer in silence. Treatments and effective anxiety therapy are available and can really help people better manage the condition. If you are struggling with your feelings and looking for anxiety therapy in Willenhall, then please call me on 07824 385338. You can also use the form on the Contact Me page.

What is anxiety disorder?

Anxiety disorder occurs when our feelings of unease begin to far outweigh the situation we are in. In turn, this hinders our chance of functioning normally, making us more uneasy. Some people find it hard to control anxious thoughts and are unable to rid themselves of a lingering sense of dread. These emotions become all-consuming and can be identified as a recognisable anxiety disorder. Around one third of us will experience an anxiety disorder at some point in our lives. Women are more likely to encounter it than men, and it’s believed to be the most common type of mental ill-health. There are different types of anxiety disorder in adults. These are recognised as generalised anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder and phobias, such as claustrophobia and agoraphobia.

Looking for Anxiety Therapy? Don't suffer in silence.
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What causes anxiety?

Anxiety is usually brought about stressful situations. In certain circumstances it’s useful, alerting us to threats or hazardous situations, but it can also become destructive and unwanted. If your anxiety is linked to an identifiable instance or event you might know what caused it, and this might give clues about how to treat it. If it wasn’t triggered by a specific event however, the causes of anxiety are less clear. This might even add to your sense of anxiety, because you might think there’s no way to stop these feelings getting out of control. Anxiety is sometimes the result of multiple factors including psychological development, personal environment, and family background.

Anxiety therapy and counselling

If anxiety is starting to interfere with your daily life you should seek first advice from your GP. They can check for any physical reason underlying reasons, and might suggest engaging with a trained counsellor or psychotherapist. Treatment might follow in the form of talking therapy, especially Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), which has proved to be useful in helping many people cope with anxiety disorder. Also, a mixture of anxiety therapy and medication prescribed by a GP have proved effective. You could also try self-help channels such as stress reducing techniques and meditation. Remember, it is always better to check with your GP about any medication you are considering.

Are you looking for anxiety therapy in Willenhall?

Getting support from a trained professional can make all the difference. If you are looking for an anxiety counsellor in Willenhall or Walsall, or would like to know more about seeing a therapist in your local area please Contact Me. I will listen to you in confidence and advise you whether counselling might help. If you decide to go ahead, you can choose between online video, phone, or face-to-face therapy sessions. My approach will be friendly and non-judgemental, and we will always work at a pace that’s right for you.

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